Is it okay to take a short cut?

I was running along, heading for a little town five miles further, when I saw this dirt track calling out to me, saying seductively: 'I'm a short cut, I'm a short cut!'

I hesitated for a moment, and then ignored the dirt track telling myself: 'It's about the journey!' As a runner you can take a short cut, but it's gonna cost you your satisfaction when you reach your destination.

This got me thinking. 'Is it possible to take a short cut as a mom, and make the marathon of motherhood easier on yourself?' I have to admit, and I know I'm running on thin ice here, sometimes I think daycare is a short cut. Especially during summer vacation, when my kids are bored and whiny, and try to bash each other's head in for looking at someone 'the wrong way'.

Whereas school holidays put a bomb under my daily existence, friends who have jobs seem to be able to continue their life in much the same way. Instead of school their kids go to daycare. I sometimes catch myself thinking: 'It's not fair! I can be a nice mom like that!'

In the end I concluded that one person's short cut, is another one's route!
And we all need the freedom to go our own way.


Sarah said...

I think that, as moms, we need to do what works best for us. I stay home right now and finally joined a gym and feel terribly guilty everytime I leave my little guy in the child care there so I can squeeze in a quick workout...which I know is crazy! He actually even enjoys going there! Pizza for dinner is also one of my favorite mom short-cuts. :)

Nicole on the run said...

Sarah, that is one great short cut as a mom! I'm going to have to go down that route too!


I love this post. You are very right, there is no right way or wrong way, just your way. You need to take the path that works for you and your family.

so glad to have found your blog!

Kelly said...

I like what you've said... I am still trying to find my own path. And, maybe it is OK to just make the decisions as they come up in the journey. I like how you parallel "real life" with running! Thank you for sharing.

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