Running with dogs

Yet again the town of Westendorp had been secretly moved, so I arrived ten minutes early, and the Pancakehouse hadn't opened up yet.

So I made my way through the village, and walked by a popular church. I listened carefully, straining to hear them sing: 'If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!' but only silence greeted me.

Disappointed I made my way back to the Pancakehouse, straight into a really scary looking dog. Its owner blissfully unaware of his dog's interest in my legs, wandered ahead.

'Sir, sir!' I whimpered.
Thankfully he turned around and saw me running scared.
'He won't bite!' he said those fateful words all dog owners utter.
'Does your dog know that too?' I whispered doubtfully.
'Come here you, Ugly Mongrel!' he summoned his dog, which immediately ran up to him.
I sighed with relief, and went to get my coffee to calm my nerves.

But as I was sipping my cup I suddenly felt sorry for the dog. It's a sad thing when you listen to 'Ugly Mongrel'.

That's why I always pretend I don't hear.

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saucony progrid said...

I have a dog, and I hate it when other people call her with ugly names..:(

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