You don't even have to run there: buy healthy snacks online

As I scrunch my way through a bag of potatoe chips I always tell myself: 'It's okay! You ran today, so it doesn't count. Everyone knows that!'

But while I suppose the calories of the chips are indeed absorbed by the calories I burned off during my run, wouldn't it be nice to eat without gaining the accompanying calories?

Glenny's is rumored to offer just that: great chips, but low in calories! Because even though I want my body to stay a lean, and mean sex machine, I want my wallet to stay nice and fat.

Luckily Glenny's is kind enough to offer coupons so you can get a 15% discount on lots of their products. This way you wallet stays fat, and you stay lean.

It doesn't get any better than that.
So if you'll excuse me, I've got to run and get me some coupons and then some chips.

It's like I can taste them already!

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mizuno wave said...

Excited to hear this. I often feel guilty when I ate a lot of chips and fail to run.

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