Running posture

'Wálk a little straighter daddy,' whined Billy Currington into my ears, as I was running along. 'You're swaying side to side. Your footsteps make me dizzy, daddy.'

I gritted my teeth and cursed the day I put it on my iPod, but in spite of myself I couldn't help but sing along: 'Waaalk a little straighter daddy!'

Then suddenly it hit me, like an unexpected sale at Walmart: 'This song is a message to me!' It's the universe telling me I should do something about my posture. So I straightened up, and ran off into the sunset.

And with new conviction I belted: 'Waaaalk a little straighter Mómmy. You're leading me!'


Kerrie said...

I tend to lean forward, too. Gotta remember to stand, er, run up straight!

Thanks for listing me. :)

Keens Sandals said...

I know this song too...I love it..So nice this song helped you..

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