Wheely bugs: not just for kids!

It doesn't seem fair, does it?! When your kid gets tired, he gets to take a ride on his Wheely bug.

Why do kids get all the good stuff? Why not ride it yourself! From now on I'll do all my grocery shopping and the school run on my Wheely b​ug​.

I can even match it with my mood and clothes! When I feel fierce, I'll ride my tiger Wheely bug, and when I feel friendly and nice, I'll take the Ladybug for a spin.

And the best thing of all: riding your Wheely bug is a great crosstraining opportunity. Your legs get a great work out, without the pounding they have to endure during a run. By turning you Wheely bug backwards, forwards, sideways and round and round, you'll use leg muscles you didn't know you had!

And if you're a sweaty person like me, don't worry: Wheely bug bodies have a padded layer of sponge which is covered with a tough layer of polyurethane leatheroid and can be easily wiped clean.

Wheely bugs: not just for kids any more! Moms and runners deserve one too!


Laurie said...

I want a wheely bug too. They look super fun and I could totally see changing rides to suit my mood. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow i really want a wheelybug too. i reckon the mouse is pretty cute, i could ride to work on it, lol.

nblackthorn said...

I have just found a great deal on wheely bugs in the UK. My Mrs reads your blog and wants to start running too after having our kids.

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