Buying new running shoes is no fun

running shoes
It's odd: as a mom I lóve buying new shoes, but as a runner I keep postponing it. I find buying running shoes no fun at all.

Why buying running shoes is no fun at all  

You don't get to choose the ones with the most beautiful colors, or the nicest shape. You have to take whatever the expert tells you suits your feet the best. Usually that's a pair of big clumpy shoes, with colors I wouldn't have chosen in a million years.

Looking into the sole of my running shoe

But when I look at the soles of my running shoes I fear the time has definitely come to get me a new pair. So I'll reluctantly fork over a lot of money for shoes I don't like the look off, and I'll tell myself: 'When it comes to running shoes 'no pain ís my gain'!'

My perfect running shoes!

But sometimes when I lie awake at night, I imagine my perfect running shoes: bright pink and sprinkled with little daisies!

Do you like buying running shoes?
What would your 'dream running shoes' look like?


Jeannette said...

I'm with you. The shoe people are missing a trick. Maybe some marketing genius will get the hint!

Suzy said...

I don't like shopping much at all, but at least with running shoes I come away with something that makes running better for me. Not to mention, more comfortable.

I love my garmin and it is easy to use. I have a basic one (the 305) and once you turn it on and it connects to the satellites all you really have to do is press start and you are good to go. Putting in personal information (height, weight, gender) is easy enough, especially when connected to the computer and it only needs to be done once. There are downfalls to the computer program that comes with it, but nothing that has deterred me from using my garmin.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you - I used to HATE buying running shoes because I have such big, awkward feet that I have to wear mens. But a friend of mine started "bedazzling" them - putting these little bitty crystals on the logo and the details, and now I have girly shoes again! :D I know, I'm so prissy about this one thing.

Pamela - Headboard said...

Thanks for this post. Have a happy holiday (shopping) season!

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

I love, love, love shoes and new shoes make me happy (I am okay with what that says about me), but I hate buying new running shoes.

I just bought a new pair and they are causing pain in my foot and I am days away from a marathon, which is a pain in my...

Joanne said...

I do the exact same thing with my hiking shoes... I put off buying a new pair until there is absolutely no tread left at all.

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