Buying new running shoes is no fun

buying running shoes

Though I love shopping for shoes, I hate shopping for running shoes. It's just no fun if you can't pick and choose your favourite colour or model. Instead, I just buy the ones the shoe guy tells me suit my feet.

Buying new running shoes is no fun

So I put off buying new running shoes as long as I could, until my shins started sending me frantic messages I needed to get new running shoes. And I had to admit: looking at the soles of my Saucony's, they looked terrible.

Whatcha doing here? You're not a real runner!

So I reluctantly entered the running store, worrying they would spot me and start shouting: 'What are yóu doing here?! You're not even a real runner!'
I showed the running guy my shoes, and asked: 'Is it time to get some new ones?'
The running guy snorted: 'These shoes are a goner! You definitely need a new pair.'

Do they come in different colours?

Then he went in the back and came back with almost exact copies of my running shoes, except not so dirty looking. 'Omni 9' they were called.
'Do they come in others colours?' I asked hopefully.
The shoe guy shook his head.
'Oh well, I'll take them,' I decided, and paid.

Where's the thrill?!

And then I left the store. But I didn't feel that special thrill I feel when I buy regular shoes. I can't help but feel manufacturers of running shoes are missing out on some great opportunities. Running shoes for women in all the colors of the rainbow, and decorated with flowers, sugar en spice, and everything nice.


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I have never bought shoes a running store though I hear repeatedly gait analysis is necessary! :)

If it's not broke, don't fix it!

Thanks for visiting my blog!! :)

Heather said...

I went out on a limb and got a new brand. Liking them so far. Not any faster.

Unknown said...

Can't help but agree. It's hard because I always want to pick the "cute" pair, but have learned to pick the pair the show expert tells me to. I keep hoping one day it will be both cute and the perfect fit!

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