Exceed sport earphones: a review

When it comes to earphones I feel that, like children, it's alright if they're there, but they shouldn't bother you. They shouldn't, for example, keep falling out of your ears.

So when I got the offer to try out a pair of Exceed sport earphones I was very excited, because I'm always on the lookout for the next best thing! And the box promised: 'Your search for a confident fit is over,' which pleased me to no end, because I've certainly searched a lot!

RTIS: Read The Instructions Stupid!

They looked quite big on the outside, and the earbud is a bit larger than average too. So it was with some trepidation I put them into my ears, which I like to think are very dainty! However they fit just fine, and off I went.

But that's where the trouble started: before I could start up a good sweat, I was busy fiddling with my earphones. They kept falling out. I tried pushing them in further, but they just wouln't stay where I put them.

Luckily I'm a great proponant of chi-running and I figured my new earphones offered me a great opportunity to practise my technique. Bouncing up and down when you run is a big waste of energy, so I tried to glide along. However me, and my earphones kept fighting, until finally and miraculously they stayed put! I don't know what changed, but they didn't fall out anymore.

As it turned out: I should have read the instructions, because the answer to a great fit was quite easy. You just gotta slide and rotate!

The secret to a great fit: slide and rotate

You have to slide the earphones into your ears, and rotate them until they're snug. With all my fiddling, I apparently did just that. And I took something else from the experience: read the instructions!

Product information

Apart from not falling out, Auria Exceed Earphones can be personalized, telling other runners, you're special! Also, they come with an Inline Control, so you can adjust your volume.

They cost about 33.99 dollars, and can be bought at Auria.com

To sum up!

My search for a confident fit is indeed over! These earphones don't fall out during runs, and won't have you running and fiddling!

Another great thing I noticed is that they don't tie themselves into a big knot, which is something my other earphones always do. No matter how I put them away, when I want to use them I have to unravel them. They're a lot like Christmas lights that way!

And now if you'll excuse me: I'm going out for a run with my great new exceed sport earphones!

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