Turboxtax: not taxing at all

Me and my taxes, we don't get along. Doing my taxes is right up there with cleaning the toilets after a very spicy Mexican meal. In fact, when I really don't feel like going for a run, I tell myself: 'If you don't go, you have to do your taxes,' and that gets me out the door real quick!

However, it's something everyone just has to face. And there is one thing you won't hear me complaining about, and that's getting a refund. I just love refunds. They give me this great rush of exhileration, just like the ones I get after a good run.

It's just that I don't quite know how to go about getting them. But then I read these words at TurboTax: 'Step-by-step guidance, like a GPS' and I thought to myself: 'Wait a minute! I know GPS! It's something runners use!'

Turbotax scores!

At tax comparison Turbotax gets 19 out of 20 points, and leaves the other tax programs eating its dust. If Turbotax was a runner, it would be a winner. It really takes the 'taxing' out of doing taxes.

Are you running out of time?

Doing your taxes can feel like preparing to run a marathon, and sometimes you just feel there just isn't enough time! If only your mommy would write you a sick note to show the IRS people!

Luckily Turbotax offers the next best thing to a sick note: an irs extension form 2009.

And I just love their slogan: 'Get a little extra time-and a lot of peace of mind'.

I wonder if they can get me an extension as a mom on doing the laundry too… I could really use one.

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