Motherhood makes you a better runner

Experts say that motherhood might make you a better, and faster runner. Several women ran significantly faster after giving birth, than before.


A Dr. James Pivarnik declares: 'If there is a physical advantage, it's only during the first two months.' Pivarnik thinks a feeling of relief and satisfaction may be the course of the improvement.

Chris Lundgren, author of Running and Pregnancy, ran the marathon faster after giving birth. 'In the back of your head you think during a marathon: 'This is nothing compared to labor!'

Four kids máde me a runner

Giving bírth to four kids motivated me to becóme a runner. I needed something to ground myself, to find myself again.

And five kids are my reasons to stay a runner!

What turned you into a runner?


The Studio said...

Dang skippy.

The Studio said...

What turned me into a runner was when run walking became hard enough that just running was easier. If that makes sense....

Heather said...

After kids I became a runner because I could never get to an actual exercise class on time.

Compared to labor this is nothing is not in the BACK of my mind. It is something I repeat continuously!

tracy said...

i definately need to take up running to get into better shape. apparently all i need to do is have a baby... or 4 first. ;)

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