Run Interruptus

In an effort to bond with my eldest son Jan (14), I invited him along for a five miler to a nearby town. 'You can have a glass of coke, once we're there!' I bribed him.

I decided some careful dressing was in order, because I didn't want him to get too cold or too warm. So I handed him my Target tights, my Target thermoshirt, and not one, but twó of my coolmax tops. And as a final touch I added my old running jacket.
'That's a lot of clothes mom,' my son said, but obediently he put them all on.

After about seven minutes into our run he declared: 'My ankle hurts,' and after another ten minutes he said: 'I have to pee.'
'Just a little bit further, then there's some bushes you can pee behind.'
But his ankle couldn't make it, so I ordered him to rotate his ankle, to loosen it up.

'I can only do 'squares' mom!' he observed, as he very stiffly tried to make little circles with his ankle.
'Now the other ankle!' I ordered.
'Both at the same time?' he asked, and nearly fell, laughing so hard about his own joke.
After that we still had to find a tree so he could pee, and then finally, we could resume our run.

But after only two minutes, his ankle sabotaged him again, and after another three minutes he had to walk. So in the end we continued our run alternating running, with walking, with rotating, and lots of breaks in between.

When we were almost there I surrendered to the inevitable and decided to just enjoy my wálk with my eldest son. Even though I've never had such a 'run interruptus' I still loved it, because I had a great time with my son!


Heather said...

I hope his ankle is ok.
I also hope ya'll still got a coke.

It is nice to do some bonding while running (or not running!)

Jodi said...

That's great that you could enjoy some time with him running. My oldest son (15) runs a 5:30 mile on his splits and leaves me in the dust. I'd be the one having to stop!

Liz said...

I can't wait until my kids are old enough to run with me! Sounds like fun.

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