No Junk Mail for me, except if...

One of my favorite songs during my runs, is Teea Goan's song 'Letter from God'.

In this song she sings about going to the mailbox in her pyjamas, and finding a letter. She almost doesn't open it because she thinks it's junkmail: 'junkmail I guessed'. But she opens it anyway.

And then it turns out to be a letter from God, telling her he's been keeping an eye on her because he's seen her struggle lately. I'm kind of always struggling, especially during my runs, so this song really speaks to me.

Unfortunately letters from God are very rare, and usually when it looks like junk mail, smells like junk mail, it really ís junk mail. Luckily there's a great way to reduce your junkmail. Simply sign up at Catalog Choice, and let those pesky advertisers know: No Junk Mail!

Catalog Choice

You can search their list of catalogs, phone books, coupons and other junk mail, and tell them which ones you can do without. So you can still get the ones you dó like! A great side effect is you'll have less clutter and you'll save some trees.

So bye bye to unwanted junk mail!

Except when they're really letters from God!

This is no junk mail!

Letter from God

How do you feel about junk mail?

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Heather said...

That is a good thought to remember during those long runs. And the short ones to the mailbox!!
Have a great day.

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