I made my kids an offer they couldn't refuse!


I've got two sons who love to play games on their computer. Unfortunately for thém, they've got a mom who worries about too much screen-time. I want them to play outside, and get plenty of exercise and fresh air.

How to solve this problem of different interests and goals?!

I pondered this question during one of my runs, because I know runs are a great time to solve this kind of parenting puzzles. And at the end of my run, I had indeed found the solution!

Runescape is the name of the game

One of the computer games they particularly love is Runescape. Memberships costs 6,50 a month, and they had been nagging me for ages to buy them one. Which of course I didn't! Why make it even more interesting for them to play computer games. I'm not thát stupid!

My offer!

But now I made them an offer they couldn't refuse:

'Guys if you promise to run thirty minutes, three times a week from now on, I will buy you a one month membership to Runescape. At the end of the month I will check if you've kept your part of the bargain, and if so, I'll pay the next month membership. And so on.'

It's a parenting succes!

They were delirious with joy, and after trying this for half a year I'm happy to tell you: it's a success! They get their exercise and fresh air, which makes me happy. And they're happy with their membership.

Also I love to give them the gift of running. I believe it will be a great tool to help them through the tough spots of life. Running certainly helps me.

What are your greatest parenting successes?


Suzy said...

Great idea!! My kids are still at the age where they would rather be outside playing rain or shine so I have a few years before I have to start worrying about too much screen time (unless it rains).

Unknown said...

Hope your plan works!! following from Monday Social...Stop by and Say Hi. Blessings!!


Elizabeth Young said...

You drive a hard bargain but if it works that's awesome! I remember doing similar things where basically if they did something I wanted they would get something they wanted.

Unknown said...

Bribery- one of the best parenting tools out there. Glad it worked so well for you. :)

Tania B said...

Hi! I am your newest follower from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop!

The Angry Scot said...

That's a really smart idea, i have 2 twin boys aged 6 who are getting into gaming, my parents bought them a little Wii type plug into your TV console thing and they're hooked on it.
I'm a gamer myself and have been playing World Of Warcraft for 6 years solid so i know all about being sucked into games and you are definitely doing the right thing :)

really nice blog you have so glad i stumbled across it from the butterbottom blog hop, now following you via GFC.
Feel free to stop by: http://the-angry-scot.blogspot.com/ and say hello :)

joeh said...

Hmmm Times have changed, we used to run, play and whatever just to get out of the house. My mom had a big bell which she rang to call us all in for dinner. Then we really ran!

I guess bribery works and is ok, you might also mix in a little negitive inforcement-"If your not going outside I've got a few jobs for you!"
The Cranky Old Man

jen said...

Wow - great thinking!!!

thanks for riding the train today, now following so i won't miss any of the good stuff!
Jen Greyson | Author

Unknown said...

I am going to do this...my girls LOVe sites and alwasy want to upgrade to be able to do More. This way I can upgrade fr them AND they excerise while not sitting there.
Found u through FMBT..hope u will follow too

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I am glad to see that it works, I may have to snag that for my daughter - who is just now getting into gaming.

I found you through Follow Me Wednesday - you can find me at http://regularmel.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

That, my dear, was a brilliant idea. I need to run to get those for myself. I am following you from the Welcome Wednesday hop - have a great evening.


Jessyca said...

What a wonderful Idea. I am stoppin by from the blog hop. Im a new GFC follower. Please follow back at http://jessycaspage.blogspot.com/
Have a great weekend!

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