Running in rural and urban areas: pros and cons

running in rural area

Since our move to the country, one and a half years ago, I've learned about the differences between running in rural areas and urban areas! So I decided to take all that I've learned and share it with you guys!

Here we go!

Pros of running in urban areas

  1. There's usually lots to see: shop windows, other people etc.

  2. It's easy to find somewhere to treat yourself to a cup of coffee.

  3. If there's a pedestrian area it's relatively safer to run.

  4. You get to see other runners.

  5. There 's safety in numbers. Especially for female runners.

Cons of running in urban areas

  1. You have to be careful of traffic.

  2. It's often busy, which means lots of people taking leisurely strolls getting in your way! Can't they see you're trying to improve your PR?!

  3. Traffic lights have a tendency to turn red if they see you coming.

  4. Pavements are not kind to the knees.

Pros of running in rural areas

  1. There's less traffic

  2. It's beautiful: you really get to experience nature and the changing of the seasons/

  3. There are no traffic lights stopping you! Only you...

  4. Dirt tracks are more forgiving than pavements.

  5. It's usually quiet and peaceful. Although some might say 'boring' is a better word.

Cons of running in rural areas

  1. Why is it that people who live in the country feel the need to let their dogs roam free?! I actually was bitten by a big bad Bouvier last October.

  2. There are usually no pedestrian areas in the country! So you have to share the road with cars, tractors and vans. That makes you vulnerable.

  3. Even though there's less traffic in country areas, the traffic that ís out there usually drives quite fast.

Did I miss any pros or cons?


Lisa said...

I run in more rural area, but on trails rather than roads. Same problem with loose dogs, coyotes, etc, and if something bad happens few pedestrians wandering by to find/help you, but no cars to worry about. It's beautiful, but as you say, there are pros and cons to everything

Debbie said...

I love this post idea! I know it isn't always true, but it is for me... The rural roads that I run on near my parents' home are very hilly, so the run is much harder. This could be either a pro or con depending on what you're training for! Also, if a sudden storm pops up, there's no safe place to sneak into if you're running out in the country.

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