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Mile markers

Running is a great way to to get to know your neighbourhood intimately. Or to make a connection with a new town, or area you may find yourself. As a runner I have discovered streets and paths, I didn't know anything about as a regular pedestrian! It made me feel like I really got to know my neighbourhood.

Around Christmas we plan to move to the countryside, to a house that's five miles from our current home. Every time we go there for a look to see how things are progressing, I run back. It makes for a great new run, and also helps me get familiar with my future surroundings.

And today I took a giant leap forward, because I discovered my first mile marker! Because if you run the same path often enough, you'll find yourself at a certain point at a certain time, and you come to count on it. If you've passed it sooner, you'll know you ran faster. If you passed it later, you'll know you're a bit slow.

And today I reached a certain tree after ten minutes! My first milestone made me feel like I'm beginning to get familiar with my future home, and I love that.

Do you have milestones along your runs?


  1. I do the same thing! I can tell you how far it is to the park in our neighborhood all thanks to my Garmin.

  2. So cool! Hope the move ends up going well :)

    In our neighborhood, I run loops inside my development at night. There is one particular streetlamp that is about halfway. Slower, easy runs I get to it at about 3:38ish and fastest runs I had gotten there in 3:05! I always know things are going well when I get to it around 3:25... that's "the zone" :)

  3. XLMIC, I loved your comment! It's exactly what I mean by mile markers. Thanks!

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  5. oh what a great post brought back many memories of when I was younger and the neighborhood was new to me come see me at I am your newest follower

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  7. So glad I fond this blog too! New follower on Momfever and now this one too! I run. I've ran 3 marathons, however the last one was in 2005. Now I'm 75 lbs heavier and trying to shed the weight and get to an 8 min mile. The fastest I've ever done is a 9 min mile. About 6 years ago....

  8. Running is a great way to find your way through a new area! So glad you found your marker to look for. I have them on various routes that I run as well.