Uh-oh: my iPod is kaputt!

'Now, whére did I put my iPod after my run yesterday?' I wondered, but then the kids got home and I decided I would find it later.

But when the kids were taken care off, and safely behind their Wii, Nintendos DS and Playstation2, I started a serious search. Unfortunately I couldn't find my iPod anywhere, and an unpleasant suspicion entered my mind: 'I didn't... did I?'

So I ran upstairs at warp speed, opened the door of the washing machine, and stood face to face with my very dead iPod. In the rubber ring I found the, also deceased, nike-chip. It was one of those moment's in my runner's life where words could not describe how I felt. So I sighed deeply. I tried CPR, and then a resurrection by plugging it into the computer, but alas. It had obviously gone into the light.

And now I have this philosophical question weighing heavily on my mind: if I run a five miler, but I can't register my run with my iPod, have I really run?


  1. Oh no!!!!! Nothing is worse than that dreaded pit in your stomach when you realize what has just happened!

  2. Haha I had to laugh at your blog title - I live your life :) I'm your newest follower from the Social Parade and would love a follow back - thanks!

  3. Oh TRAGIC!!! And really, only other momma runners would understand your pain. My iPod took the long walk into the light a few months ago...a few days before I (indefinately) borrowed hubby's so I could get my running in. I promised him that his sacrifice of having to listen to the static of the radio in the tractor while mowing was worth it as I am a much nicer person when I run, and I cannot run well without an iPod. He agreed, which Im sure is good or bad....
    Anyway, yes, your run totally counts....

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  5. This means you get to get a tiny ipod AND a Garmin!

  6. You might try putting it in a ziploc bag with some dry uncooked rice. The rice absorbs the moisture. If you leave it for a couple of days, a lot of times it will start working again. Hope it works for you!

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  7. That's the big question: Have you REALLY run?

    It's weird, I've just read 4 blogs now and all of them has had trouble with the GPS/iPod/whatever on their latest run. Maybe they didn't run? :oP

    Hope your iPod just needs a few days to dry off.

  8. A friend of mine recently and miraculously revived her ipod after putting it in a jar of rice and letting it set for a week~no guarantees but can't hurt right?

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  9. Thanks for the rice tip. I tried it, but sadly, it was too late. My iPod was too far gone.

    Fortunately, I found another one second hand. So now I can register my runs again.

  10. That is so sad. I know the feeling. I have done the same thing with multiple cell phones. It stops my heart. Hope you have a great weekend.
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  11. Eeek! Sorry about your iPod! Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax weekend hop. I'm following you now!!
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  12. I am really behind the times because I don't have either the iPod or the iPad. I don't work either so it would be crazy to have one. Everybody I know works except one neighbor who is disabled like me. But I would give it up in a heartbeat to work again! I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC and Facebook. I came over from the blog hop for Tuesday. I would really appreciate a follow back on both of those when you get a chance. Thanks so very much and have a great day!

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