How I love my Birkenstocks, let me count the ways

During Summer I always wear Birkenstocks, model Arizona. I love the comfort they offer, and the space and air they offer my feet.

My feet love their freedom, and my Birkenstocks provide just that. I also appreciate their no nonsense model: there's no fuss.

As a mom I love Birkenstocks too, mostly because they're so easy to put on! And just as easy to slip out of. In the picture you can see me in my Birkenstocks!

Birkenstocks are ugly?

However, my love affair with my Birkenstocks is often frowned upon. People say they're 'ugly' and not feminine. They're also very much associated with Jesus and Hippies. But I say to them: 'If they're good enough for Jesus, then they're good enough for me!'

Luckily I got some unexpected support for my belief Birkenstocks are great: they turn out to be great Recovery Sandals for runners! Who would have thunk it!

Shelly Glasgow, director of product development and merchandising says:

'The point is to provide the optimum recovery opportunity when they’re not running so that running becomes more enjoyable. Our footbed shape and construction gives runners that opportunity.

The full and roomy shape combined with the contoured cork footbed and neutral heel all combine to allow your feet to be in their natural and free form, but with just the right support. It’s not about waterproof, or rugged, it’s about free and full support that shapes and molds to your foot over time.'

So to all those people who tell me Birkenstocks are stupid shoes: 'Nènènènèè!'

Do you wear Birkenstocks?


  1. I used to wear my Birkenstocks all the time when I lived in FL. Now, in New Hampshire, I wear crocs all the time. They are warmer:)
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  2. I haven't tried Birkenstocks, but they do look comfy. New GFC follower, already a fan on Facebook. Come by and say hi!

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  4. I wear my Birks all summer! I have a couple different pair and they are all very comfortable.

  5. I don't wear Birks, but I'm dangerously close to buying my first pair! I'm finding that my 'El Cheapo' $2 Old Navy flip flops aren't cutting the mustard for me any longer.

  6. Love it! Happy Hump day!
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