iRun Athleticwear Hoodie: Product Review

In August I published my review of the iRun Athlectic Wear running shirt, and I'm happy to report back to you now, with my review of the hoodie!

It took me a while, because it was way too hot for anything other than a tank top.

Feminine all the way!

But this week I wore the hoodie, and I loved it. First of all I liked the fit: it's feminine, and made me look all svelte. The color is deep black, which added a touch of sophistication. And I loved the fact it didn't have any of those ugly bright stripes, you often find on running clothes. You could even wear it in your everyday life, should you want to.

Hoodie is a sweater, with adjustable cleavage

The hoodie is a sweater, with a zipper you can adjust to your liking. So if you're a cleavage girl you pull it down, and if you're more of a turtleneck girl, you pull it up! There's also a zippered pocket, which is suprisingly big. Very useful to put your housekey in, so you don't have to burgle your own house, to get in after your run. Althought in this sleek, and black outfit, you could probably pull it off!

The fabric is very supple, and feels nice. It consists of 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

To sum up

I liked the iRun Athletic Wear shirt, but I loved the iRun Athletic Wear hoodie. The hoodie has a more feminine, and therefore flattering, cut. I'm sure I will wear it often this Fall and Winter.

Because of it's neutral color, and lack of ugly stripes, I'll also be able to wear it on my school runs, without feeling self conscious!

You can get your own iWear hoodie for 29 USD at You can also check it out from all angles there!

P.S. The camera hates my guts, so I used a picture from the iRun Athletic Wear website to show the hoodie!

Stay tuned for my review of the iRun Athletic Wear skights!


fancy nancy said...

This looks great! I love hoodies...especially one that makes me feel girly too!

Mary @SweepingMe said...

I love hoodies. I mean like I could live in them always. =)

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The Cheese Thief said...

I like it!

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