Running with glasses: foggy and rainy

Running with glasses is not without its drawbacks! Not only do I look like a running nerd, when it's raining I can't see! And when I'm sweaty, I can't see either, because my glasses get all foggy.

So I can totally relate to the butcher in this movie, who obviously can't see a thing!

Funny video!

Do you wear glasses during your runs?


Eco-Crazy Mom said...

I'm following for the Terrific Thursday Blog Hop! Please follow me back at I'm so excited I discovered your blog, please feel free to add it to my Blog Directory under the "Bloggers Tab" if you'd like!


Eco-Crazy Mom said...

I also have to give you props for having two blogs, I can hardly keep up with really are super-mom!


Belinda said...

Stopping by from the Mingle blog hop. I have contacts, but my eyes are extremely dry, so wearing them it really uncomfortable.

Amanda said...

I am a new follower, would love a follow back at

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