Sweat the small stuff

Whenever I have a angst ridden meeting, like a parent teacher conference, I take special care to dress myself in black. That way the big, damp patches beneath my arm pits won't be visible, because I'm a real Sweaty Betty. This does nót please me!

There's something profoundly úncharming about a woman who sweats like a pig, but as I keep telling myself: at least I won't be overheating! Because sweat is the body's natural cooling mechanism, comparable to the way your car radiator works.

Sweating is in fact a good thing! It means your body is accustomed to daily exercise, and knows how to sweat.

So when my kids are driving me mad, and I feel the sweat pearling on my forehead, I whisper a little thank you for keeping me the cool mom I aspire to be.

Do you notice a difference in your sweat capacity, from when you first started exercising?!

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fancy nancy said...

Oh my word I pour sweat...yeah not very lady like but its the truth!

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