iRun Athletic Wear Skights: product review

The time has come for my final review of iRun Athletic wear. I've reviewed their hoodie, and their shirt, and now it's time for their Skirth/Tights, also known as Skights.

They take some pulling!

Let me start by saying they're quite difficult to put on! They really are tight, and quite long. I really have to pull a while to get them over my feet. And then there's some more pulling to get the crotch where it's supposed to be. They remind me of pantyhose that way. But once you've got them on, they're fine.

Skirt has a lovely length, and is feminine

The skirt has a lovely length, gently hiding any bulges you don't want the world to see. It's kind of wide, which makes it feel really feminine. It also adds some much needed protection against icy winds. During my winter runs, my upper legs are often very cold. Because of this skirt they have some extra protection, which I really appreciate.

But what the ….?!

This skirt/tight has no pockets whatsoever?! Where's a girl supposed to put her money? Or her stuff? I really recommend to the manufacturers to add two pockets on this skight.

One other thing

During Summer I swear by running skirts! I absolutely adore them. But during Winter you'll see me running in bootleg pants most of the time. There's just something about black skights, teamed with big, white running shoes beneath them, that really turns me off. So I tried them with my black Saucony's ProGrid Mirages, and that helped.

All together now!

Wearing the whole iRun Athletic Wear ensemble together, made me feel like CatWoman or a burglar! The outfit inspired a post, featuring me as Catmom!

To sum up

These skights are a bit difficult to put on, but once you've squeezed yourself in, they are very comfortable. The best thing about these skights, is the fact that the skirt protects your upper legs from the cold, and makes you look cute and feminine.

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