Running as moving therapy

One of the best way to make yourself feel right at home somewhere, is to go for a run. It wasn't until I became a runner, that I started to feel at home at our old address.

So now that we've moved to the country, I know what to do to battle the moving blues! I go out for a run. And it turns out, the country offers a lot to my inner runner. Though I was quite pleased with the number of running routes at our old home, our new place offers twice as many.

And that's because from our old home I only had hálf a circle available. The other half led into town, and was littered with traffic lights. And traffic lights make me nervous. I was always worrying I wouldn't make the green light, which would make me run way too fast. Or I was going real slow to avoid having to wait for a red light.

Here in the country there are no traffic lights, so suddenly I have a whole circle of running routes available to me.

We moved here on Wednesday, and I have run three times. And every time I got home, I felt more at home.
Running is great moving therapy!