I like to know my numbers!

Nike sensor

In January 2012 I bought my third Nike sensor and wrote this post about it. Since then, a lot has changed, and I don't use the Nike sensor anymore.

I've moved on to pastures greener.

Find out what I'm using now at the end of this blogpost!

Nike Sensor I like to know my numbers!

Recently I bought my third Nike sensor. The first one died a sudden death, due to bad batteries. The second sensor, I lost four weeks ago during a run. 

So now I'm on my third.

Nike Sensor, but not Nike schoes!

Because I don't have Nike shoes, I had put my sensor in a specially made little pouch, (see picture). This little pouch can be attached to your laces. But the last time I changed my running shoes, I must not have tied the pouch tightly enough.

Nike+: instant training log

During the month it took me to get my new Nike sensor to work, I discovered how much I like it. I really missed the feedback! Especially because all I have do to, is activitate the sensor. 

Then, when I get home, I only have to plug my iPod into the computer, and all my running data are automatically transferred to my Nike+ account. Which I love, because apparently I'm too lazy to write them down myself.

Problems with new Nike sensor

The reason it took me a month to replace my old Nike sensor, was because my iPod didn't recognize the thing! It kept saying: 'Walk around to activate your sensor.' I have never walked so much, but nothing helped.

So I googled 'problems with Nike sensor' and found out mine was a well known problem. In the end I pushed a lot of buttons, and suddenly my iPod found the sensor. Halleluja!

My results according to Nike+

I started using the Nike+ sensor on the 14th of June in 2009. Since then I have run 1724.09 K, in 211 hours, and have averaged a distance of 1725 K. And, I have achieved Blue Level Status, whatever that means.

Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit: how much?

My original purchase of a Nike+iPod Sport Kit set me back $26.34. I bought the iPod on eBay for $56,-.

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit comes with a sensor, and a receiver. The receiver you plug into your iPod, and the sensor you put into, or on, your shoe.

I haven't needed to replace my receiver, but have had to buy two new sensors.

All in all, my start up costs with the Nike=iPod Sport Kit cost me about 82 USD.

Running apps for mobile phones

Since then, lots of apps have become available for mobile phones, which help you track your running routes. But right now, I can't be bothered to learn how they work. I'm way too happy I've figured out how to use the Nike+ Sport Kit.

What I'm using now!

It's 9 years later, and I don't think anyone uses the Nike sensor anymore. There's no need. There are lots of great (free) apps out there that offer the same type of service.

I'm using the Fitbit Charge 4 to know my numbers. It tells me how many miles I ran, how many steps and my heart rate.

Do you keep a training log?


Holly @ Ihatethetreadmill said...

I got a Garmin 205 off of ebay for $80 a year ago and LOVE it! While it is a little big on my wrist I know that it is accurate. I use dailymile for the logging which helps with logging shoe mileage as well. If I've run on a treadmill instead of outside I just put those numbers into dailymile as well

Anonymous said...

I used to use my IPod and the sensor, but since getting my IPhone, I use Runtastic app. I love it! I have a large armband I bought for it. I like having my phone on me just in case.

Nicole said...

I feel the iPod and the sensor have become has-beens. Everyone seems to be using apps now. But I don't have an iPhone or smartphone for that matter,so I'm stuck with with it.

Michele Morin said...

I am no athlete, but LOVE my FitBit!

ExCogito said...

This is what I fail at.. keeping track of my exercises and activity.. You got me motivated now to start over! Thanks

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