Peacock Bordeaux SparkleTech skirt: an enthusiastic review!

Wearing a sparkle skirt is a great way to motivate yourself. When you're running the sun will make your skirt sparkle. They're a great fit and comfortable.
sparkle skirt

I love running skirts, so when I got the opportunity to try a Sparkle Tech Skirt I jumped at the chance. Because I just love to put some spark in my runs.

Spark Tech Skirt: Material feels heavenly!

When the Peacock Bordeaux SparkleTech skirt arrived and I pulled it out of the box my first thought was: 'Shucks! That's too small. Why oh why didn't I just order the large instead of thinking I'm a medium!'
But then I put it on, and it fit just perfectly! I have never seen such supple material in a running skirt. I hate clothes that are too tight, but this skirt is all soft and giving.

There's a sizing chart on the Sparkle Skirts website, that I used to determine my size, and I'm happy to report it's spot on.

'Are you joining the circus?'

So there I was, looking all sparkly and great. Then my husband came in and said: 'Are you joining the circus?' But my husband wears Birkenstocks with socks in them, so his opinion is officially null and void.
'No I am not,' I replied in a huff. 'I'm going out for a run!'
It was a Friday morning, and all week I had done the school run running, and I was feeling kind of tired.
'I'll take a short cut today,' I decided.

But once I was out there running, my sparkly skirt all shiny and sparkly, the sequins reflecting the sun, I didn't want to take a short cut anymore. I wanted to show my skirt to the world. So I took the long way home so more people could enjoy the view of me in my lovely running skirt.

Spark Tech Skirt High feelgood factor, ánd practical

Apart from making me feel good, the Sparkle Skirt is also very practical. It comes with three pockets! Two 4x4 pockets on the legs, that offer ample space for an iPhone or android phone. And one 12" in the middle at the front, or if you want to, at the back. Because you can reverse the skirt!

The skirt is machine washable: just put it inside-out in a lingerie bag to help protect the sequins!

Spark Tech Skirt: about the model

The Sparkle Skirt is swishy! Which makes for great running. It's a slight a-line, and the length is just right: neither too long, nor too short. I might just about get away with doing the grocery shopping in this skirt.

One very important thing about running skirts, is that the shorts shouldn't ride up. And I'm happy to report the 6" shorts of the Sparkle Skirt stayed firmly put. So no chafing.

The waist band is soft and wide, and pulls in the (mummy) tummy.

Is there room for improvement on this Spark Tech Skirt?

The only thing that could make this Sparkle Skirt even better would be a little hole you can pull the cord of your earphones through. Like in my Gore Running Wear running skirt. But the material of thát skirt is very stiff compared to the Sparkle Skirt.

Spark Tech Skirt: To sum up

The Peacock Bordeaux SparkleTech skirt came with a note saying: 'Wearing your SparkleTech skirt can cause feelings of happiness and can result in a personal best on the race course'. And I seriously agree. Wearing such a supple, feminine skirt makes you feel great. Both as a mom and as a runner.

You might even be able to wear it in your daily life as a mom. I rummaged through my cupboard and found a pair of heels and black shirt. Normally I wear Uggs and long flowing skirts, but this skirt made me feel different.

sparkle tech skirt

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misszippy said...

It's really, really cute and you look great in it. Your husband's comment (and yours about his fashion sense) made me laugh! Glad you found a skirt you like so much.

Robin said...

Nice skirt, very cute. I haven't been able to do the running skirt, they just don't look or feel right on me.

Liz said...

Wow, that looks great! You seem to have a lot more choice there than we do in the UK - running skirts are quite hard to find here!

Happy Running Mama said...

Cute skirt! I have several running skirts but none of them sparkle. My daughters (2 and 3.5) would go crazy if they saw me in a sparkly skirt! :)

Char said...

I've never worn a running skirt but that one's really pretty. I could see myself wearing it to get the groceries and to work (but I work at home so that's not much of a stretch)

Nicole said...

This skirt came from the USA! I usually buy my skirts abroad...

RunStylish said...

I'm obsessed with running skirts! Anything to make a run more fun and comfortable works for me! Cute post!

Angie {Trail Bound} said...

Oh, I need to research this skirt brand because you had me at no riding shorts and plenty of pockets. And my goodness, you had me giggling with the "But my husband wears Birkenstocks with socks in them, so his opinion is officially null and void." Bwahahaha!

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