I am jogger, hear me roar!

The Pearl Izumi campagne We Are Not Joggers rubbed lots of people the wrong way.

And that's not surprising, because it's based on the premisse that joggers are an inferior kind of runners. In fact they're not real runners at all. That's why they're called joggers!

I've always considered runners a friendly bunch, but I have to say: there's nothing friendly about putting other people down! Having said that, it's a clever campagne! Because of the hurt feelings it invokes, it gets lots of publicity and has people talking about it. You can't buy that kind of publicity!

Turn it around: joggers are to be admired!

The campagne reminded me of a chapter in Running & Philosophy. Whereas in the Pearl Izumi campagne joggers are depicted as lesser runners, in Running & Philosophy joggers are described as admirable. Because they don't run for the brass ring or a pr.

They run solely because they know it's good for them. Even without any race date on the calender, the jogger always goes out for his run. Such an intrinsic motivation, which can't be easily measured in results, requires lots of character and willpower.

So I'm proud to say: I'm a jogger! I don't like racing, and I'm not trying to improve my pr. I don't even háve a pr. I run because it helps keep me on an even keel, and it's good for my physical health too. And that's enough reason to go for a run five times a day.

I am jogger, hear me roar!

Are you externally motivated (prizes, pr's) or internally motivated (better physical and mental health) or both?


XLMIC said...

Right. ON! Thanks for this :) Seriously, what is wrong with being a jogger? I am definitely more internally motivated, but sometimes I do like racing to see how fast (or slow) I am.

fancy nancy said...

The ad definitely does not consider feelings! Runner or jogger alike...we run! It doesn't make anyone less of a runner/jogger if they don't race.

Robin said...

Most of their ads are a little controversial....I think there have been some that are even more harsh...they do get people talking though don't they.

MomsHomeRun said...

In general I like controversial ads. But this one I think is more hurtful than controversial.

Kelly said...

Oh my! I didn't know there was a difference! I have done both and when I am not interested in doing a race I run because I love it. So does that make me a "rogger" or a "junner"? LOL!!

The Studio said...

I am a junner too.....I jog run and run walk. so I guess I am a junwalker....Can we all just make tshirts?

Anonymous said...

As a new jogger, runner, run/walker, run/jogger, whatever, I enjoy it and it is helping me get to my weight loss goal. I guess Im a junner too! We should all roar. Just found your blog and loved this post. I am following you now. Please check out my blog in my quest to become healthier at gogoggygo.blogspot.com

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