William and Kate in next year's London Marathon?

There are endless reasons why people choose to run the marathon. To prove to themselves they can, to honor a deceased family member, or simply because they enjoy it.

But running a marathon because you're an actual prince, and your royal brother tells a reporter during a live interview, that you're going to run the famous 42k, must be unique!

Prince Harry, who is well known for his practical jokes, announced that Prince William and Princess Kate will be participating in next year's London Marathon. Looking like he was thoroughly enjoying himself he then added: ''He's gonna have to now, isn't he?!' With a brother like that, who needs enemies?!

When asked if he would like to run the marathon himself, Prince Harry declared in the tones of someone who is sure he won't: 'Ehm, I've been trying to get place for years. I can't get myself a place. What do you have to do?'

Enjoy Prince Harry as he puts his brother in a difficult spot!

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fancy nancy said...

Oh my!! Talk about calling someone out!!!

Robin said...

I heard that and thought it would be cool. My guess though is that unless they have security guards that can run a marathon as well, they won't.

graceandme said...

Oh goodo! If he DOES run it, I shall have to be on hand to run behind him. Royal rump :0)

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