To have or to be?

When it come to the philosophical debate about whether we áre our bodies, or whether we háve bodies, I have always preferred the first. I'ld like to think I'm móre than my body, and that who I am is not determined just by my genes, my enviroment and my wiring.

But when I see people suffering from dementia, it makes me doubt the idea that we are more than our bodies. Some patients actually change personalities, because of their brain anomalies. Wouldn't that be proof that we áre our bodies?

Running makes me feel I am my body

Anyway, yesterday I was doing my long run, and for the first time ever, I felt at one with my body. Like I wás my body. Generally speaking I think of my body as a handy vehicle that takes me where I want to go. And if it's absolutely necessary I'm willing to slap some bodylotion on it. Once a year or so.

But as a runner I can identify with my body. When I'm out there running, I feel lean and mean, and proud to be this moving body.

Where do you stand on the issue whether we are our bodies or whether we have bodies?
And how does running affect your stance on this issue?


misszippy said...

This is an interesting topic! I guess I feel that I am my body, but maybe that's just because as a runner, I am uber in tune with it. My husband is always amazed by how I know every little ache and pain and know when my body is "off" in any way. Great post!

fancy nancy said...

A very interesting question posed! I feel like I am my body which I feel comes from a lifetime of being an athlete. I push my body and command it to do what I want.

Robin said...

I agree, I think running has made me more in tune with my body and how it operates. I pay more attention now, then I ever did before I ran.

Momshomerun said...

That sounds great, teh way you know your body! I think I should be more in tune with mine. Luckily running helps.

Garmin Fenix said...

On the contrary, running makes me feel like I have my body. My running session makes me feel like I have a body and the way it is doing so many things for me, I have managed to take out time to run and do some good to the body in return as well.

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