Double Dip Run

Today I did a Double Dip Run, meaning I did not stop once for a cup of coffee, but twice!

First stop was after five miles, at a farmer who's 'gone coffee'. He exchanged his cows for a restaurant, and you can sit outside and have your coffee and cake, and eat and drink them too. It's a lovely place to just sit and relax.

Feeling like I could conquer the world again, I then headed to the nearest town, and the next part of my run. I love to do some window shopping during my runs. After another five miles I arrived at my second stop: a pancake restaurant, where I had another cup of coffee and a glass of mineral water. Nothing tastes as good as a glass of water after a run! I gulped it down, and then elegantly sat there sipping my coffee. I am after all, a lady! Even though a sweaty one. Then I headed home, feeling all lean and mean.

I just love the way running makes me feel. And since Jeff Galloway paved the way for taking walking breaks, by proving breaks actually impróve your speed, I don't feel like a loser for taking a coffee break.
Or two.

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Robin said...

Coffee breaks sounds like a great idea!

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