Runner's have nothing to fear but fear itself

I found myself trying out a new route, covering 12 miles. 

I had never run away from home 12 miles before. So I took my mobile with me, to call my husband when I'd arrived, so he could come and get me.

Running where I had not gone before

Covering 12 miles, going where I had not gone before, made me feel nervous. And that was kind of funny, because I run 12 miles all the time, only I usually do it in 2 stages. I run 6 miles from home, have a cup of coffee, and then run home 6 miles. I know I can do 12 miles, and yet this was making me nervous.

It brought home to me the power of the mind, and how there is nothing to fear but fear itself. 

It was all in my head!

Are you aware of the power of your mind, and how it may help or sometimes sabotage you?


fancy nancy said...

Good for you for conquering that fear!!! I totally am aware of how my mind can hold me back...or push me past fear!

Ama_Runs said...

I once decided I was going to run 15 miles...or bust! I had it in my head that I would not quit until I had reached my goal, and so I pushed through all 15 miles like a champ but as soon as I got to mile 15, my mind shut down and body along with it. "Ok, we hit 15 miles, we're done," my Self said to self. I couldn't run another step, but I was still a mile from my car. Walking that mile was the longest of my life.

Yes, the mind is a powerful thing, though sometimes it has a mind of its own!

Nicole said...

I can totally relate! When I got lost during this 12 mile run, I got scared and worried I wouldn't be able to make it, and immediately I started to feel really tired and like I couldn't make another step.

Jennifer P said...

So true! There's been many times I've gotten lost on a trail and swore that I would never run trails again.

SBM said...

Yes!! I usually fret for the first half of all my long runs about one thing or another. By mile 5-7, I am in the zombie zone. I do bring my phone every run though so I don't get lost.

Slabs said...

I am not a runner but do walk long distances (anyway long for me) after my knee replacement and when hubby and I decide to do a longer-than-normal walk for me, I have to get my head ready to conquer the fear that my knee will not be able to stand the extra mile or two, and not check the km clock when walking, because I am sure once I hit the goal we set I will stop, but instead we keep walking, albeit maybe slower than I would like the last bit, but I keep going.
Yes fear is an enemy of many and I need to fight to keep it out of my head.
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