Negative Splits as a runner, and as a mom

It sounds a bit like icecream, but a Negative Split is a runner's term meaning you run the second half of your run faster than the first half.

Negative splits as a runner

As a runner I usually finish faster than I started. And that's because I'm always very careful to save my strength, making sure that I'll fínish. I'm always worried I won't be able to go the distance, which is probably why I'm not a fast runner. The second reason I can do negative splits easily, is because by the time I'm halfway through my run, my body is well warmed up and running becomes easier.

Positive splits as a mom?

But what about doing negative splits as a mom? I find that much harder. When my kids were little babies I poured everything I had into taking care of them. I breastfed on demand, and always picked them up when they were crying. But now that they are teenagers, I sometimes feel quite fed up. I just want the constant questions, noise and demands to stop, and get some peace and quiet. So then I start worrying I spent too much energy when I started out as a mom, leaving me with not enough patience left for the second part. Am I doing a positive split as a mom?

But whenever I go thére, I remember: all that love I felt in the beginning is still there. In abundance. And besides, if I really feel depleted I can always go for a run. Running helps me refuel, and makes me feel energized for the second half of the rocky path of motherhood.

Do you do negative splits as a runner? And what about as a mom?

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Anonymous said...

I just love running/life analogies, and this one really made me stop and think. Thank you!

Char said...

The second half of parenthood is so much tougher than the first. In the beginning it's physically exhausting. Once they hit adolescence it becomes so much more emotionally draining. I have two boys in their 20s and one in the late teens and I honestly thought I'd be finished parenting by now but I'm needed as much now as ever. Parenting is the ultimate endurance event.

Momshomerun said...

Thank you Char! That makes me feel better. At least I'm not alone in feeling that the second half of parenthood is very tough sometimes.

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