Running in the dark

Last January we moved to the country, and I started to do the school run running.

But the thing about the country is that it has no street lights! And many times I found myself wondering whether it was safe to take the next step. Because I was literally in the dark about my path. And let me tell you, it is kind of scary to put one foot in front of the other, if you don't know what's in front of you.

I started getting visions of myself, holding a flash light in my mouth during my runs. But I was worried I would get jaw lock. So imagine my joy when I discovered Outdoor GB. They sell lots of running stuff, that is not your average running gear, and one of the things that made my heart go pitter patter were their Running Head Torches. I mean, how brilliant is that! I can see myself running in Winter with one on my head, lighting my own way. I'll totally rock that look! I'll be that cute mom with the headlight.

I may even use it in bed, whenever I want to read and hubby is nagging me to turn off the light.

Do you run in the dark?
And if so, do you take any precautionary measures?

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fancy nancy said...

I run in the dark in the winter. I bought a head lamp but I also run with a large group of people. I have night blindness so running at night can be pretty tricky for me!

Mom_2_Pippa said...

Sounds exactly like where I run....I wear a headlamp and reflective clothing/ankle bands so if I do happen to have traffic come by Im reflective.

Momshomerun said...

I have night blindness too, and running in the dark is scary.

Momshomerun said...

Yes, it's really important to be visible!

The Studio said...

I have a clip light that hooks on to my matter if it is visor ball cap or a beanie. it is so light that I forget it is there. I also have reflective clothing and tights. I hope to get some cool reflective stickers for my birthday....they really rock and work.

Char said...

My sister gave my Dad a head lamp for his birthday a few years back and he found it incredibly useful. Did you know you can use them to find your way to the toilet in the middle of the night and then use it to see what you're aiming at? Not quite how you're planning on using yours but incredibly useful none the less.

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