Prepaid cell phone and GPS?

I'm the kind of woman who owns the cheapest cell phone there is. The kind that only costs about 10 bucks and only serves as a telephone. The kind that makes me look like a severe dyslectic whenever I try to send a text message. Or should I say: 'I used to be this kind of woman!'

Because recently I have become the hesitant owner of my very own smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy Mini. I bought it nót to make phone calls, but to give me the opportunity to use all those fun running apps that are out there.

Running apps: GPS required!

Because the thing is: if you want to use running apps you need GPS! Something I discovered when I used my son's iPod Touch for the Zombies Run app. I missed out on certain features of the Zombies, run! app, because the iPod Touch doesn't have GPS. And call me cray, but I didn't like nót being chases by zombies.

GPS on a prepaid: does it cost extra?

Because I didn't plan on making any calls with my new smartphone, I didn't want a contract cell phone. I just wanted a simple prepaid one. And that's when an important question raised its ugly head: does GPS on a prepaid cell phone cost extra?

I did some research on the internet, and got different answers. Varying from: 'Yes it does cost money,' and 'No stupid! Of course it doesn't cost any money, because GPS uses satellites, not the internet!' I liked the second answer best.

Different answers, flowing in the wind

But when I got to the store the salesman assured me prepaid and GPS were a match made in hell, and would cost me lots of money. According to him, I would be much better off with a contract sell phone, and he happened to have one that cost only 20$ a month. So I told him I'ld think about it, and hurried out of the store.

Luckily the third store I visited had a salesman who said GPS and prepaid cell phones dó go together, and sold me my Samsung Galaxy Mini. Since then I have used it four times, and it works perfectly, without costing me anything extra for the GPS. I've been chased by zombies five times already, and once I even got bit! It's a miracle I am here today to write you this informative post!

To sum up!

So for all you lost souls out there who don't like cell phones, but do like running with a running app, who are wondering whether they can use GPS on a prepaid cell phone, the answer is: 'Yes, you can!'

I found it difficult to find this answer, so I'm hoping this post will help you out!

What kind of cell phone do you have?
Do you use running apps?

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Char said...

I used to be like you and had a very cheap, no frills phone. And then I got my iPhone and I fell in love. My favourite app at the moment is the Olympic games one. If I need any stats on an athlete it's there. If I need to know the medal count it's there. And if I want to know what's coming up next I can find out so easily. Love it!

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