Check out my new running shoes: Saucony Omni Progrid 11

I felt these twinges in my knees, and decided to have a look at the soles of my running shoes, and sure enough: they looked quite worn out. So I headed to the shoe store that specializes in running gear, and showed them my shoes.

They agreed a new pair was in order, so now I'm running around on a brand new pair of Saucony Omni Progrid 11. And I was happy to see that they had livened them up a bit with bright red laces. I'm onto my fourth pair of running shoes now, and previously the Saucony Omni's were white, big and ugly.

My new Saucony Omni Progrid 11s run like a dream! It's like running on cushions, but in a good way. I've taken them out for a run four times now, and everything is superb. No blisters or having to get used to them. We became the best of friends immediately. And that's something that dóés not go without saying, because usually I kind of míss my old shoes. I don't know what it is about running shoes, but I feel quite sentimental about them! I keep all my old shoes in a cupboard.

Do you feel sentimental about your running shoes?

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fancy nancy said...

I totally get emotionally tied to my running shoes....silly I know! I have been wearing the Sacouny Ride for 8 years! I love yours!!

Char said...

They're so pretty. I love getting new shoes and don't feel in the least attached to my old ones. Once they start making my feet hurt I don't regard them as friends any more - friends don't hurt friends.

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