H&M sportswear: running shirt with long sleeves

HM sportswear is great looking, feels good and best of all: it's relatively cheap. And you can wear it during the day, because their sportswear is neutral.
I like my running clothes simple, so one of my favourite haunts for running clothes is H&M. Because I love HM sportswear!

Last week I bought a simple black, longsleeved shirt for about 26 USD. For me, that's a relatively pricey purchase, but I really like this shirt because I can also wear it as a 'regular' shirt. It's simple, it's easy to wear, and it goes with everything. And it doesn't come with ugly, brightly coloured stripes screaming: 'Look at me! I'm a running shirt!' I really like that about the HM sportswear collection.

The H&M running shirt from the HM sportswear collection

On Thursdays I exchange my daily run, for a bike ride of about 13 miles. I take the kids to school by bike, and then I go straight from school into town, to grab myself a cup of coffee. I always get really sweaty on my bike, so last Thursday I wore my new running shirt, and it felt great. I looked very spiffy in my HM sportswear black shirt, sipping my coffee. When I got home I didn't change my clothes, and I wore the black shirt all day.

HM sportswear running shirt: material and fit

I like the fit of this shirt: it's tight, but in the right way. It doesn't show off my bad bits, and yet it's fitted enough to make me look slender. The only small point of criticism is the neckline: it looks a little bit messy.

The material is 86% polyester, and 14% elasthan. You can throw it in the washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees celcius.

The material is quite thin, so when the temperatures will drop, I shall wear it as my first layer.

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