Evening runner vs. morning runner

Am I an afternoon/evening runner trapped in the mind of a morning runner?

I always run in the early morning, because I don't trust myself to go later on in the day. Besides, I suppose I want to get running out of the way, so I can check it off my to-do-list. Even though I know running is supposed to be something I do for fun, it's also something I feel I háve to do.

Anyway, sometimes circumstances conspire and then I find myself running later during the day. And whenever I run in the afternoon or evening I'm always pleasantly surprised by how much easier it feels than during my early morning runs. I'm faster, and I'm enjoying myself much more.

Like yesterday. I had convinced myself I didn't have to run that day, but then the sun came out and my body started to itch for a run. Before I knew it it had dressed itself in my running skirt and top, and there it went. Galloping off into the sunset! It felt great!

But even though I know running in the afternoon and evening is way more enjoyable, still I run in the early mornings… What ís that?!

I feel like my body is indeed trapped in the mind of a morning runner.

Can anybody relate to this? What's the best time of day for you to run?


patrick voo said...

i've always been a morning runner mostly out of necessity - need to get back in time to help get kids up and moving and off to school. that being said, i have run later in the day on various occasions and can't say that i've ever felt like it was a better run and/or time for me.

i also get a kick out of rolling back into my driveway having logged a good long run knowing that some people are finally getting out of bed. :)

Meredith said...

That is SO me!! I like running in the morning because I will often talk myself out of it if I wait. However, the times I do talk myself into an afternoon run, I am always surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It gets me through the afternoon wall and I even feel refreshed enough to get through the evening routine.

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