Running skirts and 'a certain age'

This morning it was finally warm enough to wear my little red running skirt to do the school run. I asked my son Ot (12) to take a picture of this happy moment.

'I would wear some tights too mom,' he advised me.
'Why?' I wanted to know, and I felt a shiver of trepidation…
'That skirt is a bit short for you,' he shrugged.

He got me thinking though. I agree that women of a certain age shouldn't wear their dresses and skirts too short. But is it fair to say this doesn't apply to sports wear? I mean it can get awfully hot if you have to wear long tights all summer long just because you'll never see 35 again.

Besides, my running skirt isn't thát short!

How do you feel about running skirts after middle age?


Christy said...

Kids are so great sometimes and other times,,aack! I have a closet full of running skirt and was starting to wonder the same thing. I like to think it is okay still :) You look great in your skirt, I say keep rocking it!

Brennan said...

Ha! That's cute (the skirt AND the story about your son)! My brother used to say stuff like that to my mom when we were kids. My mom has always said that boys are "protective" of their mothers. Whatever that means.

I totally think the rule doesn't apply to athletic clothes. I mean, the skirt is probably the same length as your running shorts anyway... so if those are appropriate, the skirt should be too!

nicoleao said...

Thanks Christy! And I love the compliment!

nicoleao said...

Good point Brennan: my shorts are definitely about the same length!

I like the way your mom turned your brother's feedback into a good thing!

emily said...

Lol. That skirt looks great! I've been thinking about getting a few myself - not because I run, but because I love the freedom that comes with knowing there is something else under there that will keep me from embarrassing myself in any way. And I am definitely over 35! How funny to think that someday my kids will be old enough to have opinions like this. :-)

nicoleao said...

Yes, you'ld better brace yourself!

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