Running dress: where's the controversy?

Running dresses were the next big thing after running skirts caused quite a stir. I tried out an Evou running dress, but I like running skirts better.
When running skirts first made their appearance, they caused quite a stir.

In the world of parenting there are lots of subjects you have to pussyfoot your way around, or feelings get hurt and tempers rise. Who would have thought the world of running would have similar sensitive topics! But running skirts turned out to be just that: a sensitive issue. Running skirts were considered frivolous, and doing the image of running no favors.

So I'm a bit surprised that running drésses didn't cause an even bigger stir!

Running dress put to the test

Last week I wore a running dress for the very first time. It's a running dress of the Dutch label Evou. After trying out their running skirt, which kept hiking up, I took the running dress for a short run instead of a long run. I did nót want to do another run with my buns of cookie dough exposed. Luckily the running dress turned out to be more comfortable. Especially since I'd taken the precaution of wearing shorts underneath.

Running dress: I felt a bit uncomfortable

Even though the running dress felt more comfortable than the Evou running skirt, I was uncomfortable in another way. I felt very conspicuous in my little running dress. Feeling like it somehow conveyed a message saying 'Look at me! I'm a Real Runner!' And even though I ám a real runner, I felt as if I was putting on airs by wearing a running dress.

Besides that, I think the dress looks much better with a pair of black boots than with a pair of running shoes.

After taking a running dress for a run, I can definitely say I like running skirts better!

Which one do you favor: running skirts or running dresses?


Carli said...

I actually only have one running skirt but would love more. The one that I have isn't really made with appropriate material for running and the shorts ride up...but I'm sure there's better stuff out there!

Alyssa K said...

I have actually wondered about them. Do they have bloomers or anything underneath? I'm pretty busty, so I'll probably stay away.

Lisa said...

I've never tried a running dress and quite frankly, I doubt I ever will. However, I'm quite a fan of running skirts!

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