The bitter sting of betrayal

It was a long wait, but finally the second season of the Zombies, run app is out! Once again I am Runner Five going out on missions while dodging the undead.

Today I had a big fright!

I can't believe I almost died today. I was out on a mission, and Nadia from New Canton sent me straight into a group of trigger happy ex -toyshop employees!

I suppose when she started babbling on and on about Lem it almost made me stop and think. I ran wearing Lem's headset for a while, which made everyone think he was still alive. Nadia is still carrying a grudge about that. But it's hard to stop and have a good think when you're surrounded by zombies!

If it hadn't been for Sam seeing me running to my death, I wouldn't be telling you this story right now.

At least one good thing has come out of Nadia's murder attempt: I'm back at Abel!

What running app do you use during your runs?

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Johann said...

I've read a lot about Zombies run but don't use it. I use my Polar RS800cx and Suunto Ambit while running. Sometimes I use Runkeeper on my Samsung S3 if I take the phone along.

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