Running with a stick

On my weekly long run, which I do on Sundays, I like to run towards a farm where they serve coffee. It's really nice there, and the service is very friendly. It's about 8K to the farm, and then another 8K to get home. It's one of my favourites running routes.

Yikes! Scary company

But for the last couple of weeks, on a part through a wooded area, I got some very unpleasant company! Apparently a buzzard has taken up residence in the trees, and he seems to have taken a shine to me. Or more probably, he wants to eat me! He's been circling around my head, coming scarily close. At first I was mostly taken aback, but then he did it again, and again. I've never run so fast in my life. Just trying to get away from the trees and the buzzard.

Too close for comfort

The week after my first encounter I ran the same route. I figured it was just bad luck, and I probably imagined that buzzard coming for me. But sure enough, there he was again. Coming way too close for comfort. I started waving with my arms and shouting to scare him off. And to let him know I wasn't going to come willingly!

I come to you, harmed!

For a few weeks I didn't dare take that particular route. But today I really wanted to run my favourite route, so I told myself to buckle up. And just to be sure, I took a big stick with me. I was going to let that stupid buzzard know not to mess with me. So there I ran, with this big stick in my hand feeling all ridiculous. And no buzzard anywhere!

So I'm hoping he's moved on.

Because I've thrown the stick away.

Have you ever been pestered by birds during a run?


  1. Oh my gosh! That is so scary! That would have freaked me out. But, a good coffee place is hard to find, so i'd have prolly found a big stick too. Haha! I've never encountered anything other than dogs or a overly concerned sheriff deputy. I felt very protected that run. ;0)

  2. I have a fear of birds on runs because I had 2 hawks swarm at my head while out running, and I have had a bird land on my bike helmet while out riding. I use to start hyperventilating if I heard or saw birds flying near me while running. My husband would have to talk to me to calm me down. I don't hyperventilate anymore but I am still a little jumpy and my pace may pick up a bit around birds. :) Thank you for the post.

  3. Yikes, two hawks! That's really scary too. What is it with those birds that they want to take on a runner? At least they're good for our pace...

  4. Dogs can scare me too. The overly concerned sherrif I like!

  5. Yes! I had several encounters with chickens while running with my dog. My dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is a hound. The first time he caught their scent and tracked them down under a bush and they came out and surrounded us! Then next time they were along the road and started to come at us! Yikes. They are lucky they didn't become my dog's dinner!

  6. That is too funny! I was scared to death a few times by some red-tipped sparrows circling my head so I can only imagine how I'd react to a buzzard!

  7. What a strange type of chickens! They obviously don't know what's good for them. Or they think they're really strong?

  8. Red tipped sparrows sound scary too. Anything with wings really...

  9. That's crazy. Last year, running in Utah, a coyote crossed my path. Thankfully, he/she wasn't too impressed by my running!