The Flies

running and insectsI figured I could quickly squeeze in an reasonably cool evening run, after a very hot day.

But I made the mistake of running past a wooded area, and got attacked by lots of very annoying flies! I must have looked like a mad woman. Running while frantically waving my arms. I felt like Tipi Hedren in Hitchcock's classic movie The Birds.

It was a great workout for my arms though!

How do you deal with pesky insects during a run?


Matilda said...

Flies, aren't t hey annoy, esp the sticky ones.
All i can say is putting on repellent before you head out. Just not on the face cause when you sweat that stuff stings. Otherwise you just have to deal.

Liz said...

I have often swallowed a fly while cycling or running - not my favourite experience...

nicoleao said...

Yuck! That sounds awful.

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