Running by example

As a parent it takes a long time for the results of your efforts to become visible.

I try to tell myself that if the kids are still in once piece at the end of the day, I've done a good job. But somehow that seems setting the parenting bar a bit too low.

I also want them to become kindhearted and healthy human beings. And when they're whining things like: 'Mom, he's looking at me funny!' it can be hard to see those things in them.

So I'm delighted to report my fourteen year old daughter has taken up running! She's downloaded a couch to 5K programme, and is thoroughly enjoying herself. And I'm going to take the credit for this! Yes I am! I like to think that because she's seen me going out for my run, come rain or shine for 12 years now, I've inspired her to do the same.

I love to see this result coming in!

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Lisa said...

That's awesome! My kids never really took to running, but they both incorporate regular exercise into their daily routine. I like to think it's because we set an example for them. I have learned through my 21+ yrs of being a parent that what you DO makes a much bigger impression on them than what you SAY.

Good job setting such a good example!

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