Therein lies the rub

I wen running this morning.

But about halfway through my long run I got a message from the middle toe of my left foot. 'I'm hurtin'!'
So I said: 'I don't care!' and ran along. Because really, I can't be bothered with such a little thing as an achy toe. But as it turned out, it really started to bother mé. It's amazing how much a little toe can hurt. I started feeling like the little Mermaid after getting her legs.

When I got home, all sweaty, I quickly got out of my sticky clothes, and jumped into the shower. Still determined to ignore my now throbbing toe. Immediately I was struck by a vicious pain of the aforementioned toe. I took a look, and saw a big blister on the left side. Aparently two of my toes had been rubbing each other the wrong way.

And therein lay the rub.

Do you ever experience chafing, and if so, where?


Lisa said...

maybe you should try those toe socks

nicoleao said...

They certainly crossed my mind!

Matilda said...

I have toe socks for that reason. It does take a while to get use to, but I love them.
Also how long have you had your shoes? I found that I got some serious killer blisters on my Kayano's (since now retired), and socks didn't help. As soon as I got fitted for new shoes (brooks), no more blister problem.

I did read the other day that if the blister is smaller than the top of a pencil eraser don't pop it, if it is bigger that that, then go ahead and drain it. This had to be the best piece of advice I've gotten, and it does work. I had a blister as big as a quarter I drained it and it healed in a few days, if I didn't drain it I would still have it and it would have most likely popped while on a run.

nicoleao said...

I've had my shoes for about a year Matilda. I also once got a blister between my toes when I was wearing my roomy Birkenstocks. I think these two toes are just too close together.

Matilda said...

Oh yes, I understand, I have the same problem with two of my toes, but it is better now.

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