Bad news

I've got some bad news… I got bitten by zombies this morning. It's only a matter of time before I turn grey and start to make grunting noises.

I don't know what happened! Or maybe I do. I got cocky.

I heard the warning, that zombies were approaching. But I figured: 'There's plenty of time to speed up.' Besides, I was a teeny bit tired. And then before I knew it, they were all over me. And I read on my smartphone: 'The zombies got you'.

Luckily the Zombies, run app is very forgiving.

So the good news is, I can continue running.


Chris said...

I love the Zombies, Run! app. It is a great way to change up a run.I had to turn off the zombie chase mode because I would have to stop for traffic lights. I did not want to become a real casualty! I toggle back and forth but the missions are fun and interesting. I also like how it syncs in with your music too!As a fan of the zombie genre, it is not a bad plot. The actors are pretty good too. I reviewed this app some time ago and still remains one of my favorites.

Half-Crazed Runner said...

That's cute. I gotta look that up!

Lisa said...

hahahahahaha. that's cute!

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