How to readyyour body's signals, and what do they tell you?

After a 7 days hiatus, because a nasty cold had ambushed me, today I ran again.

But all was not well! I hadn't put two steps forward before my body started to call 911, sending SOS messages. So to appease my body I took it really slow. But the only way to get my heart rate 'in the zone' was by walking! And I really wanted to run. After all, it had been 7 days. I really needed to feel like a runner again.

In the zone: 115 - 150

But in the end I decided to take my Polar Heart Monitor's word for it, and walked most of the distance. To stay in the zone my heart rate should be between 115 and 150 beats per minute. But as soon as I started to run, it quickly climbed to 160 bpm.

All in all I ran/walked for about 70 minutes, so at least I went the distance.

What does it all mean?!

But I'm siting here wondering: 'What does it all mean?' Does the fact that my heart rate went up to 160 BPM mean that I'm still suffering from that stupid cold? Or does it mean my body has to get used to running again after 7 days of coughing?

Anyone out there with some valuable insights?!


Matilda said...

Despite what the hrm said, how did you feel. Did you feel like your heart was leaping out of your chest? Sometimes that can be a better indicator.
Or you hrm might be on the out. I swapped my the hrm that came with my fr210 with my 405 (as the 405 is a better strap that doesn't give me a rash), and huge difference. the old one was telling me my heart rate was like 50 yet I'm running at a 5min km pace, yeah I don't think so.
Maybe give it a couple of more days and see if it does the same thing.

nicoleao said...

I did definitely not feel as if my heart was leaping out of my chest! You've made me stop and think. Maybe it's just my heart monitor?!

Matilda said...

If that's the case, next time you head out the door, don't wear the hrm and see how you feel, that will give you a better indication.
I don't use my hrm much anymore, when I do it's when I'm doing speedwork or hillwork, so I can see what zone I'm in.

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