Buying new running shoes

I often feel a bit like a fraud when I tell people I run. Even though I do.

I've been a runner for twelve years, and I run at least 4 times a week. I still feel like someone is suddenly going to jump out, point his finger and shout: 'She's a fake!'

Luckily I have my running shoes to assure me I really ám a runner.

Hole in the heel of my Saucony Progrid running shoes. Again!

I had worn a hole in the heel of my Saucony Progrid running shoes. Again. Whenever I wore them, I got a blister. So I alternated between my Merrell and Progrid Mirage running shoes, to give my poor feet a break. But since both are minimalistic shoes, I didn't want to wear them too often.

So off to the running store I went. I'd been back before, with the same problem. The first time they gave me a new pair of shoes because I'd only had them about three months. This time however, the shoe store guy told me that 'hole in the heel' is a common problem when it comes to running shoes.Then he looked deep into my soul, soles, and told me they were done for.

So I had to buy a new pair of running shoes anyway.

Buying new running shoes

Whenever the shoes guy tells me to do something, I do it. So I obediently bought myself a new pair of Saucony progrid running shoes. Even though I don't really enjoy buying running shoes, I have to admit it's quite easy. I just buy the pair the shoe guy tells me to.

The Saucony Progrid 2013 model comes in bright colors, which I love. They cost about 156 bucks, which I did not love. But whenever I have to buy running shoes I tell myself: 'At least it's cheaper than a gym membership!'

Running is still the cheapest sport I know.


Lisa said...

Cute! I like Saucony Kinvara's myself. Hate it when they wear through and I need new ones. But you know you are a real runner when you wear a hole in your shoes!

Matilda said...

Ooh Love the colours, very girly and fun.
And yes shoes can be expensive but it's still cheaper than a gym membership or even a personal trainer.

Courtney said...

Very nice! I'm the same way - I do whatever the shoe guys (or girls!) tell me to do!

Esme Slabbert said...

Thanks so much for your participation and sharing at SSPS 292. See you again next week!
I am not a runner, but ouch the cost of running shoes seems to be pretty high, especially if you have to buy them that often.

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