Mommy blaming

Now there's another thing mom's can be blamed for! Brace yourself, here it comes: Moms may be a contributing factor to the country's rampant growth of obesity.

How come you ask?

Let me tell you.

Moms move their bodies about 11 hours less per week

A certain professor Archer studied 50.000 activity logs. These activity logs were collected by the American Heritage Time Use Study over an impressive period of 45 years. Activity logs were then compared. And it turns out moms with children aged between 5 and 18 move about on average 20,9 hours per week. That doesn't sound too bad. But wait till you hear how much moms moved in 1965!  About 31 hours per week!

Who's to blame? Let's play the blame game

Luckily, besides moms, there's something else to blame. This time it's that damned technology! The technology that brought us nifty machines. Like washing machines and vacuumers. Because of them, doing the housework became easier, and requires less physical exertions.

And if that wasn't bad enough, then came the internet! And cheap television sets. That's when moms' numbers hit rock bottom.

Mom is leading by bad example

According to professor Archer the fact that moms move about less, is a contributing factor to the country's growing number of people with weight problems. Moms are setting a bad example.

Running Moms are not to blame!

I worry about all kinds of stuff. But this little tidbit of news, I didn't mind. Because as a mom who likes to run, I know I'm definitely offering my kids the right example.

I'm showing them the importance of exercise every day.

So there!

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Laura said...

So interesting! I could definitely see that technology has made us lazier. Like you, I hope the running mom piece makes a difference!

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