Cheap alternative for Sweet Spot Skirt: the Cheap Skate Skirt

Once upon a time a woman called Stefanie, quickly pulled on a little disco skirt over her tights. Because she needed to look spiffy, fast! Much to her surprise she got lots of compliments on her look.

Short sporty skirts for women on the go

Stefanie got all inspired and invented lovely short skirts for sporty women. And she called them Sweet Spot Skirts. This story has a happy ending, because now there's a webshop where you can buy sporty skirts in all kinds of flavours.

Sweet Spot Skirts

Sweet Sport Skirts are made to wear over a pair of running tights or bike shorts. The idea behind these skirts is that lots of women don't feel comfortable in their tights. They don't like taking their kids to school in their running clothes. By throwing a skirt over the tights, suddenly you look much more suited for school or a trip to the grocery store.

Unfortunately the price is less sweet: 69 bucks.

Cheap alternative for a Sweet Spot Skirt

I love the Sweet Spot Skirts, but I can just héár my mom snort: 'For 2 bucks you can buy a piece of fabric, and make your own!'

Unfortunately I've got two left hands. But I do have a wallet! So I went shopping and found lots of cheap little, short skirts. The kind of skirts that should only be worn by slim teenagers. I've always given them a wide birch, but now I looked upon them with new interest! Could these short skirts be my Sweep Spot Skirt?

In the end I found one for about 5 bucks.

And then I took it for a spin.

Running with a short skirt over a pair of tights

No matter how short the skirt was, it was still way too long for a running skirt. But since it was so cheap, I dared to cut it shorter.

My most important question was: will this skirt stay put? There's nothing worse than running clothes that ride up during a run. But it stayed in place. I suppose because it's such a tight little skirt, my bum kept it in place.

Material and sizing

The skirt I bought is made from 92% cotton and 8% elasthan.

Summing up

I think short, tight skirts are a good way to spruce up a pair of running tights. They can make your running clothes look 'salonfähig'. And I've also noticed they keep your lady parts nice and warm.

I'ld like to call my cheap version the Cheap Skate Skirt.

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Lisa said...

Clever! Now why haven't I thought of that?

Also...the Galloway timer was just under $25 including shipping

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