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As a runner I was willing to accept the importance of the right shoes. I also got the need for special running clothes. You know, the kind that transports your sweat away from your skin.

But when I heard socks were also an issue, I'd had enough. I wanted to put a sock in it.

The socks did it!

Because I didn't care about socks. I bought myself some sneaker socks at the local supermarket, and figured they'ld do just fine. And then I got blisters… At first I blamed the shoes. But they went all 'innocent until proven guilty' on me. And as it turned out, they were indeed innocent. It was the socks that did it!

The importance of being wearing the right sock

Turns out, socks do matter! In fact they're very important. For one thing they should be from the same kind of material you need for your running clothes. The right socks can even protect your feet from the impact of them hitting the ground during a run.

So as I grudgingly started to acknowledge that I had to get some good quality socks I stumbled upon this great website. It's worth a visit just because of  the cute name: My Soxy Feet. Get it? They made a word joke! Soxy instead of foxy. I love a good pun.

Soxy feet. Get it?!

What I loved most about the socks on My Soxy Feet is that they're cute and fun. They're not boring. Each pair is uniquely designed with a different theme and an inspirational message and some even have a charity affiliation. They make you wanna buy them, just because they're so cute. My favourites are the 'Naughty and nice' socks. Look:

soxy feet socks

They cost 12 bucks, and look very Christmassy.

Mismatched socks

I don't know about you, but in our house, we have this BIG basket of socks that have lost their mate. So my kids often have to wear mismatched socks. I love that Soxy Feet socks are suppose to look like a mismatch! That's gonna save me a whole lot of headache!

My Soxy Feets specs

Okay, so they look really cute. But now, let's get down to the nitty gritty. What are their specs? Do they have what it takes to be runners' socks? I'm glad to say they check every box!

  • Soxy Feet socks are woven with Cool Max, so they keep your feet dry, and NOT smelling of sweat

  • They're suitable for all kinds of sports, not just running

  • They also come in kneesocks

  • They're from ecomade fibers

  • They allow your feet to breathe thought a mesh top

  • Minimal seams, so no risk of chafing

  • They offer extra sole cushion for comfort and durability.

  • Because of the nylon and lycra the sock will stay firmly put, and not start wandering around like a two year old toddler!

Who invented Soxy Feet?

The best products usually come from people who have hands on experience. When it comes to parenting I love products invented by moms. And when it comes to running, the best stuff comes from other runners. In this case from Melissa Corp.

Melissa was out on a run one day, when she looked down at her feet. She was wearing plain, white running socks. Suddenly it hit her: those boring white socks were a great canvas to offer other runners inspiration. And that was the start of My Soxy Feet.

Apart from inspiring other runners, Melissa also shares a percentage of all sales to National Breast Cancer Foundation, ThyCa (Thyroid Cancer Survivors Assoc.) Pet Rescues, Boston 1 Fund and Hurricane Sandy victims.

Me and my Soxy Feet

I'm going to wear my Soxy Feet during my next run. Wearing something new, always adds a frisson to my runs! I don't know if that's because I'm a girl. But it suits me fine!

Want to know more?

What kind of socks would you like to see on Soxy Feet?  I've come up with this one: 'If you liked it then you should have put a sock on it'.

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Lisa Isenberger said...

Okay, those socks are pretty cute. I like the dog ones, the breast cancer ones, the thyroid cancer ones, and the ones for men.

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