Are running blogs boring?

Are running blogs the sporty equivalent of parenting blogs?

You know, the kinds of parenting blogs where people tell you all about that thing their kid said? And how he said it? What the parent said when he said it, and how he then said something in return. And oh, isn't he just the cutest?

Running blogs

Bloggers who like to run don't talk about their kids so much. Instead they talk about things like how they felt when they had to get up early to squeeze a run in.

How they felt when their right foot hit the floor, and how they still managed to put the left foot on the floor too. How they felt putting their clothes on, and how they then trundled down the stairs thinking: 'Why am I doing this?' but still moving along. How they then opened the front door and put their left foot across the tresh hold. How it felt when their right foot stepped outside into the cold, and how they still managed to put the left foot over the tresh hold too.

How they did ran at a ten minute pace, mixing it up with some fartlek, while trying to run a PR while staying in the zone.

So are running blogs boring?

Yes, they certainly can be.

Except when they're yours. Then they can be alright.

Just like kids.

And farts.


Elizabeth said...

Yes they can get boring. That's why I like reading 'running' blogs that once in a while talk about their kids, work, family, travels, act. I try to add a little bit of everything too.

Matilda said...

Yes they can get boring, and sometimes I might only read half a post simply because I can't relate to it, but then I know others would be the same with my blog, and I'm ok with that.
It's also why I try to add non running stuff in the blog too. A bit of everything happening in my life.

nicoleao said...

Hi Matilda, thanks for your comment. I tried to return the favor, but I couldn't manage to log in to leave a comment….

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