From Mommy to Runner

As a runner I love to hitch a ride. Not with scary strangers who wanna kill me, but with my husband. He doesn't wanna kill me. Most of the time.

Hitching a ride when he goes for some grocery shopping is a great way to run a different route.

I smell an opportunity!

Yesterday we went to visit one of the local highschools, to see if it would suit our 12-year old son. The distance from that particular school to our home is about 5 miles. So I smelled a great running opportunity!

But how was I going to look both neat and presentable as a mom, and wear my running clothes? Because I didn't want a big hassle of having to change my clothes. Luckily I own a simple black climacool shirt and some ditto running tights. I pulled one of my mommy skirts over my tights, and teamed it with my black shirt. Voila, I looked quite presentable. Then I put on a pair of cowboy boots, which are real easy to take off, and I was ready for the visit to the high school.

After we finished there, I exchanged my cowboy boots for my running shoes, and did a quick striptease by losing my skirt.

I turned myself from a mom into a runner faster than Clark Kent turned into Superman!

How do you combine your day to day life with running?

Comments (1)

  1. Any way possible! It's tough with work and kids. Sometimes it's a 5mile treadmill run at 5AM.